This extremely popular location is also the most populated municipality in Belgrade. The construction of New Belgrade was accompanied by the great enthusiasm of the brigadiers who were building it in work drives after the Second World War. It was probably contributed to New Belgrade being very powerful residential and business complex, perhaps the most important one in Belgrade. Many people have hung their hats here, and New Belgrade offers a wide range of luxury rental apartments near Belgrade Arena, in Belvil, block A, other blocks, near Fontana or hotel Jugoslavija, in Merkator or Retenzija. It is popular with both domestic and foreign clients, as well as with numerous companies, and due to its exceptional business environments, it can be considered that renting business offices in New Belgrade is very represented. Indeed, many tales can be told about New Belgrade, which is constantly growing and developing, so we recommend You to have a coffee in some of the shopping centres, or in a caffe of our popular tenniser Novak Đoković, and find out everything – at first hand.